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Blurred Together 5
It was never supposed to be like this. These pictures were never to exist, at least not in this life time. Images of herself scattered themselves across her dining room table, each with a red x through her face. Pictures of her leaving work, the store and even walking in the park all seemed to blur into one. It was meant to be a warning, one that was not lost on the empath.
“I don’t understand.” Raven muttered touching her pictures tainted face. “Who took these pictures?”
“We don’t know.” Nightwing admitted softly, choosing his words very carefully as not to startle the already shaken ex-Titan. “We found them in Garfield’s room, addressed to him.”
She did not bother to look at the changeling, she didn’t have too. The anger that seeped through his pours told her he couldn’t remember anything that would be helpful. “If they were following me why isn’t Aerie in any of these pictures?”
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The hum of the monitor beside her bounced against the empty walls of the room while the smell of ammonia and disrepair clung to her skin. It was here that she was glued, unable to move without fear of missing him. The doctors told her that his arrival was close, but how close they would not say. Guessing games had never been her forte, although neither was waiting around for the inevitable. Cancer had a way of doing that to people, forcing them to become something that they were not but for him she would change everything that she was if it meant a chance to save him.
The man in the bed seemed so small to her. His withered figure forced the sheets to hang loosely around his body creating a small of cocoon. Slowly his chest would rise and fell, with every passing second she wondered if that breath would be his last. With great misery she counted the days as they passed her. If you were to ask her, she would not know the date but she could tell you how many times the nurses upped his mor
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I Love You Prompts
#15 Loud, so everyone can hear. BBRAE
The sun shone through the thick clouds with ease. Fried foods, animal waste and human sweat filled the air around her as they made their way through the crowd. Her senses heightened with every passing person, their strong emotions pushing themselves onto her causing her head to begin to throb. Wave after wave of people passed the two of them without second glance, their identity protected by the rings that encased their fingers and for this she was more than thankful.
“Isn’t the fair great?” Beast Boy’s cheery voice broke through the conversations around her gaining her full attention.
“No.” she bit harshly, “No it’s not.”
“Oh come on Rae.” He whined pathetically. His arm snaked itself around her, pulling her petite form close to his. Raven could feel her face becoming hot. She tried to ignore the way his strong muscles felt around her waist, she tried to focus on something else, on
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Blurred Together 4
The first thing that was visible was a flash of red. Raven couldn’t help but stumble backwards at the force that was thrust upon her. Her ears rang with the sound of her ribcage crushing under the power that held her. A few gasps made it past her grey lips before she was able to choke out a small form of protest.
 “Kori please, you’re hurting her!” A strong, stern voice bellowed from behind. A few seconds passed before the strong arms that held her released their clutch. Finally she was able to expand her lungs, settling in the nerves that had grown within her. Her eyes adjusted to the sight of the beauty that had previously been crushing her, her long scarlet hair poured past her shoulders, settling just above her buttocks. The tight uniform she wore excoriated her voluptuous curves pulling the attention from her emerald eyes completely. Her bubbly and over active aura prodded at Raven’s psyche, begging for her attention. The alien’s personalit
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Blurred Together 3
The smell of breakfast made its way into the small room he was in. His sensitive nose burned as consciousness began to come back to him. Almost instantly he felt weak, his body begged to stay still but he knew that that was not an option for him. The animals within him were restless, needing to find release soon; they clawed at his chest demanding to be acknowledged. With one final intake of air he commanded his eyes to open. Slowly they obeyed revealing the four walls that encased him.
He had never been here before, that much he knew. The dark colored space held a deep lavender sent reminding him of a life once lived. Looking around he noticed that the room was poorly decorated; only having a bed and dresser to occupy the petite space around him. Ebony picture frames hung carelessly from the wall, encasing tasteful art. Soon he noticed a pile of old clothes neatly stacked on the dresser across from him.
With a slight jump, he noticed that his uniform was completely torn to pieces. Wha
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Blurred Together 2
The dim light of the television washed over her, bathing her in the only illumination in the room. Whatever sitcom that played this late at night fell on deaf ears as the empath hugged her book closer to her body. The words washed over her like silk, allowing her to believe in the story that was feed to her ever so slowly. It was rare that she would enjoy a night such as this; typically she had her little one attached to her hip begging for her full attention. Even the thought caused a small smile to tug at the corners of her mouth and a ping of guilt to graze her heart.
Tonight was special. For the first time in a long time she had gotten her child to bed at a decent time, allowing her to take a moment to herself. It was as if there was an unspoken agreement between her and her youngster that tonight would be the calm that was missing from their life. Maybe this would become a regular thing; maybe this was the turning point in her very interesting lifestyle. Single parenthood had its
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Blurred Together
The test she held in her hand burned against her grey skin. The pressure of its results weighted down on her soul, pulling her deeper and deeper into the abyss. How could she let this happen, how could little miss oh so cautious be so careless. This mistake wasn’t a light one, in fact it was a life changer and that was the last thing she needed right now.
She watched the two blue lines, waiting for them to change at any moment. Waiting for the universe to realize its poor choice in judgment and reverse what was happening. However, the more she stared, the more the lines shone through every false sense of security she had left.
This was happening.
And the timing couldn’t be any worse.
Raven’s body released the breath she was holding as she slumped back against the bathroom door. Her legs nearly gave out and she was forced in to a sitting position immediately. Her brain drifted to her rocky relationship, the one whose seas had been unforgiving for the past weeks. It was
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Night Terrors
Garfield stirred lightly in his sleep, the blanket of slumber that he so desperately clung to began to slip though his fingers like sand. Subconsciously he could feel his lavender laced dream running away with whatever form of reality he was currently in. As a last attempt to regain his sweet haze his body rolled over with a need for psychical contact, her psychical contact. Once positioned his hand dropped, only being met with the empty space beside him. With a large sigh his sweet slumber was gone, replaced with the realization that he was indeed alone.
"Right." he mumbled to himself. "Patrol."
With his sleepiness gone, he rose from his bed ignoring the empty feeling that grew in the pit of his stomach. He cursed his all wise leader, disproving the new rule that he had most recently put into place. No spousal patrol, meaning that those who had given their lives to one another could not partake in late night, inner city watch. The regulation in itself was not a terrible idea, after th
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Mature content
Always End with a Bang :iconjmandina:jmandina 17 7
Reborn in the Ashes
With a bit of force the doors to the common room opened with a loud creek, expelling dust and dirt that had built over the years. The changeling's green hands removed themselves from the door and immediately moved to his black jeans to wipe away any grime they had on them. A hollow chuckle formed in the base of his throat as he shot her a broken smirk. She, herself could not help but return his generous smile with one of her own. After all he was the only one willing to come up with her after all this time. The others shied away from the idea, appalled by her idiotic request to look at the broken remains of what once was before it was removed forever, immortalized by a tribute to those they had lost.
He always backed her up, even on her most stupid ideas. It had been the bond that they had formed from years on the run. Always looking out for one another, even when the end looked bleak, she found that he was always her light. "After you my lady." he whispered, bowing slightly so that he
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Calling All Titans IX
The African sunrise was just beginning to rise over the horizon. Beautiful colors outreached the sky as the air around him warmed his face ever so slightly. The sound of feet in the distance lulled the new leader into a false sense of security. He knew that the people around him were experiencing peace for the first time in years while his inner turmoil had just began. Yes, the Titans were now a complete team, but that was just the beginning. In all honesty Nightwing had fallen out of practice with his interpersonal skills. He had spent so much time alone that he wasn't even sure how to lead his team of misfits. Hell, he wasn't even sure if they would even listen to his commands. It was going to be hard, but dammit it was going to be worth it.
"Friends Raven and Beast Boy have informed me that they should be ready to depart soon." The sooth, calming voice said as it called out for him. His body didn't even bother to turn and respond, he knew how it was. It had always been her who came
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New Years Flight
The breeze felt cool against her scalp as it entangled itself in her hair. The lights of the city light up the night sky, even from the height she was floating at. As the faint sound of the joyful voices that undoubtedly belonged to the celebrating citizens barely touched her ears. It was peaceful, and she couldn’t help but allow herself to drown. It was so unlike what she was used to, so utterly amazing that she wondered how she lived without this feeling. How had she allowed herself to go through each day knowing that she lacked it.
Fuzziness began to pool in her abdomen as the stars danced above her. It was so beautiful out, even being this time of the year it was almost unheard of to have weather like this. It was, dare she say, perfect. Perfect in all the ways she wished she could be, in all the ways she knew she was not.
Time ticked away slowly as the year begin to slip through her fingers like sand. As the count down began in the city she allowed herself a smile that pulle
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Wake Me Up
The sound of his steady heart danced against her ears. The monitor told the story that she herself was too afraid to tell. He was alive and against all odds he was stable, but for how long no one knew. It had been like this for days, his condition never gaining any ground but slowly loosing ground as well. Cyborg had told her that his body forced his mind into a coma from the trauma of the what had happened, but she had a hard time believing him. When she had dragged him in from after their accident she had healed all of his injuries, or at least the ones she could see. Taking the pain from him was noting, even though she knew it was painful to her she felt nothing. Nothing but complete shock. When she had finished he had not one scratch on his perfect skin, not one lingering bruise, if only the same could be the same for her heart.
Her long sweats hung loose against her malnourished body while the shirt she was wearing could have be mistaken for a dress. Her long plum hair was bulled
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Mature content
Sticks and Stones :iconjmandina:jmandina 20 16
Haunted House
The cold Jump City air made it’s way through the empaths hair forcing her to cringe. Her taller companion must have noticed this, because almost instantly his arms wrapped around her small frame, shielding her from night. Her body forced out a sigh as she leaned against his chest, taking in every ounce of heat he had to offer.
“You guys are going to make me sick.” A brotherly voice said from beside them causing Raven to grin with satisfaction.
“Stop being a drama queen.” The changeling bit and she could feel his arms tighten around her. This caused the rest of the group to burst into laughter obviously enjoying the scene before them.
With a light push, the unmasked leader of the Titans forcing the tin man to grow a smirk on his human face. “Come on, stop teasing them.” He mused in a smart tone. “Your just jealous Bee couldn’t come, now you don’t have any one to hold on to when you get scared.”
Cyborg shook his head causi
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It was never supposed to be like this. These pictures were never to exist, at least not in this life time. Images of herself scattered themselves across her dining room table, each with a red x through her face. Pictures of her leaving work, the store and even walking in the park all seemed to blur into one. It was meant to be a warning, one that was not lost on the empath.

“I don’t understand.” Raven muttered touching her pictures tainted face. “Who took these pictures?”

“We don’t know.” Nightwing admitted softly, choosing his words very carefully as not to startle the already shaken ex-Titan. “We found them in Garfield’s room, addressed to him.”

She did not bother to look at the changeling, she didn’t have too. The anger that seeped through his pours told her he couldn’t remember anything that would be helpful. “If they were following me why isn’t Aerie in any of these pictures?”

“Maybe she wasn’t with you.” Cyborg offered softly. Raven only shook her head; she knew that her daughter was with her in each of these scenarios, that girl was always with her. “Beast Boy must have caught a scent on the package and followed it; at least that’s what I’m assuming.”

“Off of paper? How is that even possible?” The empath asked, finally breaking her gaze off of the pictures.

“Apparently a lot can change in five years.” The changeling sneered as he pushed himself from her adjacent wall. “Isn’t that right?” Anger nipped at his toes as he took a few strides towards her turned back. “We all see how much you changed.” His words dripped with venom, poisoning her with each syllable.

“Please friend Beast Boy, we did not come here to fight.” Starfire whimpered gently, “We are here to protect Raven. “

“Protect her!” Garfield growled, “Who is protecting her from us! She has a kid, a whole new life behind our backs! How can she morally keep that girl from me, I-“

“You’re the one who knocked at my door Garfield, not the other way around!” Raven spewed harshly, turning to face him. “You showed up dying, bring this to my doorstep. I never asked you to be here, I never asked to save you!”

“Oh so we are supposed to praise you? You should have just let me die, that would have saved me all of this, saved me from you!” The pure intimidation he admitted was almost overwhelming, his height was seemed to have grown just by the anger that he admitted.

This would have caused a lesser being to back down, but she was not just anyone. “Oh boohoo.” She scoffed, “Poor Garfield, always poor Garfield. Cut the melodrama.”

“What do you think this is some kind of joke? For God sakes, you kept a child from me!” He spat his hatred across to her, visually wounding her. “If you think I’m not going to be upset than you are stupider than you look!”

“How dare you call me stupid.” She jeered, staggering slightly. “How dare you come in my life and judge my decisions, you don’t know what I’ve been through. You never even cared to understand!”

“It’s not like you walked out of a bar Raven! You ran away, just like you always do when things get hard. You’re a coward.” All he could saw was red. His whole body vibrated in frustration. “I pity you, you’re nothing more than a washed up hero.”

“Stop.” Nighwing commanded sternly, “That is enough from you Garfield.” The changing took a step back instinctively, pulling him from the situation. His gaze broke the empath’s as he turned to his leader, he opened his mouth to spit fire only to be cut off immediately. “You aren’t helping the anything, go wait outside.”

“How am I at fault here? She -“

“That was an order.” His leader growled in a deep, commanding voice. The changeling swayed slightly, unsure if he should obey or rebel against his leader. A few moments slipped past before his nostrils flared in frustration. His body obeyed his mind as he pushed past his team mates ignoring the burning stares of those he loved. The door slammed loudly as he exited her home, causing a few pictures to plummet from the wall to the unforgiving floor.

“I apologize for Beast Boy’s rudeness Raven; he is just most taken aback by your daughter.” Starfire muttered softly breaking the tension that held the room.

“Don’t apologize for him Star.” Cyborg corrected, “It’s not his fault, this is a very delicate situation and he is just confused and hurt.”

Raven’s throat tightened; in the end her metal friend was right. None of this was truly the changelings fault. Whatever he had done the night prior was intended to protect her, there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that he had done what he thought was right. She was truly the only one to blame, she had kept their daughter from him and no matter what reasons she told herself, she was never in the right.

“Look Raven, we didn’t come here to cause problems.” Nightwing spoke as if she had never left the Titans, as if she was still their friend. “Meeting Arella wasn’t what we expected to find but now that we know, it changes everything.”

The empath tilted her head in confusion before he continued.  

“It’s not just your life that’s in danger anymore. We are responsible for Arella’s safety as well as yours. With you living so far away we can’t guarantee that we can help like we need to from Jump City.” The other Titans merely nodded to Nightwings explanation. “With so many variables unknown it’s not safe for you two here.”

“I can protect my daughter.” Raven bit harshly, feeling violated by what the hero was saying. “I’m still capable of doing that no matter what has changed.”

The raven haired man shook his head sternly, “They’ve already found you Raven, and relocating isn’t going to change a thing. If Garfield can find you, than they can too.”

“We still don’t know what these people are after or how persistent they can be.” Cyborg added.

“So you expect me to uproot my daughter because some unknown person targeted me? That’s not fair to Aerie, this isn’t her fight.”

“No but it’s yours.” Nightwing’s reply was earnest and gentle, ignoring whatever harsh tone she threw towards him. “Hard decisions are a part of being a parent, you know that. You need to be where we can help protect her and the only place that can happen is back at the Tower. Her safety is up in the air here, do you really expect to protect her from something you can’t even see?”

“What do I even say to her? Sorry girl, I know you like it here but we have to go somewhere far away with people you don’t even know so that you don’t die?” The sarcasm in her words were lost the moment they were in the air. There wasn’t even a decision to be made; she knew she needed the safety that the team could offer and if that meant sucking up her pride than she would just have to do that.

“Tell her whatever you want Rae.” The tin man mumbled, “But now that we know about her we aren’t going to let anything happen to her.”

The protectiveness in his tone caused the empath to be struck with a wave of nausea. “Cyborg-“

“This is true Raven, there is no denying it.” Starfire added.

She wanted to argue, she really did but there was no use anymore. These people had once been willing to go to hell and back for her, and some even did. Now all of that love and friendship would be extended to her daughter as if they had known her their whole life. “Give us some time to pack and we will be ready.” She finally replied, feeling defeat overtake her.

“I shall help little Arella so you yourself can pack friend.” Starfire announced smiling warmly at the opportunity to reconnect with something that was lost to her so long ago.

“I don’t’ know if you know how Star, no offence but it’s much different than an adult.” Raven interjected softly, sure to not offend the fragile alien.

“She should,” Cyborg responded with a slight tone of annoyance, “you should see how she packs for Mar’i. It takes up a whole duffle bag for one night.”

“Mar’i?” Raven asked, unsure of the new name.

“Our daughter.” Nightwing answered, an all knowing smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. “She’s three and very much like her mother.”

Starfire’s smile brightened with the mention of her kin, the mother that resided within her radiated itself onto the unsuspecting empath. The warmth from the familiar feeling silenced the anxiety that gnawed at her stomach. “I guess Gar was right,” the former hero offered a soft but kind smile to her old friend; “a lot can change in five years.”


The wind from outside of the cargo ship shook the walls slightly as they tried to penetrate the barrier. The changeling visibly shook, not from the light spring wind but form the turmoil that wreaked havoc inside. The beast inside of him tore down his walls effortlessly causing him to feel the push of his control. It had been years since he had resurfaced, for a long time he thought he had died when Raven had left but here he was pushing his boundaries. Now that he had an offspring the balance between animal and human shifted and he was worried.

Raven had been marked as his mate long before their relationship had blossomed. It had been something that he had accepted and if not for Terra’s return he would have chosen her for life but human feelings ran deep and they could not be ignored no matter how much the beast fought. Now that he had found her, his human side was weaker than ever.

He had a daughter, a little him. How did he not sense it on her when she had left? How had he allowed her to keep something so important from him? That night had been a blur, tears were shed, things were said and it was hard to remember anything clearly. When her empty bed was found in the morning the tower’s dynamic was turned upside down. Friends fought, lovers disagreed and people had settled into a sense of distress. It took years to find a shred of normality between them. Raven was rarely mentioned in normal conversation and when she was he felt as if blame landed on him.

And in a way it did but now he was unsure where he stood with the empath. He was so angry, so hurt that he wanted nothing more than to rip his sanity apart piece by piece but there was also a part of him that felt sorry for her. Sorry that she felt that she had to go through this alone, that she thought he would have turned her away like she was some commoner. God, he was so confused.

A loud roar sounded as the door opened beside him. The hatch exposed the remainder of his team plus two others. Bags hung loosely from the Cyborgs frame while Starfire carried the young child tightly against her body. The misplaced beauty beside Nightwing hugged herself awkwardly; her pajamas were long gone, substituted for a pair of jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Their eyes met for a split second and he could feel his blood run cold.

“Why do you have those bags Cyborg?” he asked, fully aware of the answer.

“Arella wanted to pack her toys and Starfire went a little overboard.” He answered as they entered the ship.

“I’m sorry.” The child whispered, tightening her grip on the princess as the door slowly closed behind them.

Cyborg only shook his head as he dropped the baggage in front of the cockpit. “No need for apologizes Aerie, I don’t mind one bit.” He offered a genuine smile that only caused the child to giggle lightly.

“Alright little one,” Starfire said softly as she lowered the youngling to the floor “please sit by your mother so I can buckle you in.” Arella obeyed, once she had hopped into the seat that was clearly too large for her Star carefully tightened the buckles around her.

“I can do that Star, really.” Raven protested as she took her own seat beside her daughter.

“Nonsense I do not mind.” She replied kindly just as she finished her task. Arella squirmed slightly under the restraints as if unsure about the tightness. Eventually she sighed, coming to terms with the situation.

“All right, everyone buckle up for takeoff.” Nightwing yelled from the co-pilot’s seat. The three remaining people in the cargo hold obeyed, tying them down to the craft itself. Garfield watched the mother and child across from them, practically ignoring his alien teammate beside him. Raven’s hand slipped from its place on her thigh as it reached out for her daughters. The girl accepted the nonverbal command, cupping her small hand into her mother’s larger one.

Take off was relatively smooth, considering where they were. Gotham city became smaller and smaller as they disappeared into the sky. The changeling watched the empath harshly. He could see that his gaze bothered her but he never faltered as he watched her parent in a way he never thought she could.

“So we are just going to let them stay with us?” He finally managed to ask. “Was I not considered in this at all?”

“Please friend do not fight, we are just doing what was best for them.” Starfire replied as she attempted to offer her tender touch for support, he nearly growled as he pulled away from her.

“Of course, poor Raven.” He sneered ignoring the slight turbulence. “This is ridiculous, are we just going to pretend that she hasn’t deceived me? That she isn’t some kind of monster for what she did?”

The empaths gaze finally shot to his, the fire behind her violet eyes burned him. “This is not the time for this.” She bit sharply, tightening her grip on her daughter’s hand.

The plane shook slightly, rattling the team inside. The sound of Cyborg’s muffled questions carried themselves from the cock pit but it was unclear what was asked. “No I think this is the time!” The changeling yelled earning another violent shake of the plane.

“Garfield please.” Starfire pleaded. “You are upsetting her.”

“I don’t care!” The green Titan replied loudly. “Why would I care, she didn’t care about upsetting me!” The plane nearly plummeted with his harsh words. The sensors shouted frantically indicating a drastic loss of altitude as the air around them became thin. Cyborgs curse words echoed sharply around them, he was fighting the failure of the craft but none of his attempts to stabilize seemed to help.

“Can’t you control your powers Raven!” he asked harshly as he clutched on to his seat for support. Things shook and swayed, the lights above them flickered aggressively threatening to burst around them.

“It’s not me.” Raven replied as she unbuckled her safety harness, slowly kneeling herself in front of her daughter. Up until then the changeling had not noticed the distraught girl and as soon as he did a torpedo of guilt ripped through him. Her face was red and puffy while tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. The scent of fear caught him off guard as he dropped his gaze in shame.

“Hey, calm down Areie its okay.” Raven cooed as she stroked her daughters face, erasing her tears with her thumb. “Relax sweetheart.”

“Why is he yelling at you Mommy?” She choked through her broken sobs. “I don’t understand why he’s so mad.”

The plane shook causing Raven to nearly loose her balance. Instinctively the changeling began to unbuckle himself only to be stopped by a frail hand beside him. He looked into Starfire’s emerald eyes as she shook her head sternly.

“Areie, look at me.” The girl obeyed, “He’s not going to hurt us, do you understand? It’s all going okay, these people are going to take care of us but first I need you to calm down.”

Raven began to breathe deeply, motioning her daughter to follow. At first the girl’s intakes were short and shallow but slowly she began to ease into a steady rhythm. “That’s it.” The empath encouraged. “Just like we practiced, deep breaths.”

The only sound that filled the plane was that of the mother and daughters breaths. It took a few minutes but gradually everything around them seemed to steady itself. Cyborg laughed awkwardly as they gained more altitude making it easier for them to fly.

“Good girl.” The empath whispered, leaning her head against her daughters. “Good job baby.” Arella nodded her head weakly, accepting her mother’s support. A feeling of relief washed over them as Raven took back her seat. She ignored Beast Boy’s stare, instead focusing of her fidgeting daughter.

“I’m sorry.” The words were sour in the changeling’s mouth but he felt that it needed to be said. His confession hung between them gracelessly, causing the air to become thick. He waited for a response that never came; the only acknowledgment he received was a kiss that was sweetly planted on Arella’s small hand.

The rest of the flight was silent. No one dared to speak for fear the reaction that it would cause from the fragile child. Time crawled past making it feel as if the trip took years rather than hours.

Finally Nightwing’s voice called out,

“Raven, Arella, welcome to Titans Tower.”

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# 10 “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” CyBB (Friendship)

The heat from the sun beamed onto the metal he wore with no forgiveness. If he didn’t have an internal cooling mechanism he was sure he would have perished as soon as they stepped foot into the water park. He was surrounded with screaming children, exhausted parents and a constant fear of the water that nearly surrounded all around him. He found himself questioning his decision to occupancy his best friend, debating if he could find a way to head home early.

Before he could decide on an excuse the sight of his green friend found him. The large smile he wore was contagious while he held the hands of two very young Titans. The girl’s damp blonde hair was nothing short than a wild mess while the boy’s amber locks had pushed themselves back smoothly.

They could have been mistaken for a family.

“Hey Cy, how are you doing?” The changeling asked cheerfully, finally making it to the seat beside him. The children groaned impatiently as they rolled on the balls of their feet. “What?” He asked, turning his attention to the nearly frantic kids beside him.

“Timmy wants to go on the lazy river.” Melvin muttered, pulling at her long locks with a bit of force.

“Okay well you guys can go ahead, just make sure you watch him okay?” Melvin merely nodded her head as she took ahold of Timmy’s had to guide him to their next adventure. Garfield watched as they left, making sure that not a single thing disturbed the young heroes. Once he had watched them enter their tubes and begin their route. With a smile, his attention was adverted to his best friend. “I really appreciate you coming here Cy, I know it’s not your favorite place.”

“Well since Raven wouldn’t let you go without me, I didn’t really have a choice did I?” The smirk on his face said it all, “Besides those two are crazy about you so I’d be downright rude for me to oppose.”

“Still, thanks.” He murmured as he adjusted himself in his chair, leaning back to take in the rays of the God awful sun.

“Well you know the ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” It had not gone unnoticed that nearly every woman had taken the opportunity to watch the changeling with the children, and he really could see why. He was great with them, patient and protective just like if he was their father.

“Well there is only one lady I need to impress.” The changeling replied calmly, ignoring the all knowing smile her received from his friend.

“Still pining after her huh?”

“No, no pining. She’s my soul mate Cy, I just know it.” He spoke as if they had been together for a life time, when in fact he had yet to even ask the empath out. The sureness that threaded itself within his voice would have fooled anyone, but he wasn’t just any old person off the street. He knew that Beast Boy was afraid, afraid that the woman he loved would reject him just as his last one did.

“Does she know this?” The tin man asked with a sense of humor in his voice.

“Not yet.” He whispered under his breath, “but she will.”

“I know she will man,” Cyborg replied, placing an encouraging hand atop of his shoulder, “Trust me, I know.”

#29 “I lost out baby.” BBRae

The sound of his optimistic hum filled the small room as his paint brush rolled smoothly against the white wall. The yellow paint light up the room perfectly bringing a sense of accomplishment to his heart. Even though the smell of it burned his nose he forced himself to go on, knowing how important this was to her. After all they had been through; painting the baby room seemed to clear the storm clouds in his heart.

They had finally conceived after months and months of fertility treatments and sticking her with a needle every day the doctor had confirmed that they had a heartbeat. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard; steady and strong just like its mother.

Deep down the looming possibility of death hung close to him. The doctor explained that the first trimester was key for growth and development so they weren’t out of the woods just yet but he brushed it off as if it was nothing. He needed it to be an empty warning, he needed this to work. They wanted children so desperately and not being able to was a curse that they both carried.

“Hey Rae, I think that this color is going to look great!” he yelled towards the hall. He expected her sarcastic sneer to radiate her response but nothing came. “Rae? Did you hear me?” He shouted as he hauled his actions, confused as to why she wasn’t waiting just outside like she had been all day.

“Raven?” he called, leaving the safety of the room and stepping into their empty hallway. His sensitive ears picked up the sound of heavy breathing just across the hall, instinctively he followed. He was lead to their bathroom where the faint smell of copper and sweat seeped through the cracks. Placing his ear to the door he could make out mumbling mixed with feeble sounds of whimpering.

His knuckles shook the door as he knocked politely. “Sweetheart, is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Her broken response cut through him, “its fine, I’ll be out in a minute.”

He could hear the sob that followed even though it was muffled. Years of marriage taught him that the empath was lying. Something was indeed wrong. “I’m coming in.” He announced sternly, fearing what lay just on the other side of the door.

“No!” she bellowed “Please, I’m fine!”

Without waiting another protest he opened the door. Whatever he had expected was nothing compared to what was before him. The scene nearly forced him to become physically sick. Raven was crumbled into a heap beside the tub, he legs brought closely to her chest as tears streamed down her face. Blood smeared across the bathroom floor in a failed attempt of a hasty clean up. Her bare legs were colored crimson.

“Raven.” He whispered as he attempted to process what he was seeing. Her purple iris met his and she broke. Sobs ripped through her painfully, causing her whole body to shake. She shook her head as she buried her face into her hands.

Only a few steps carried him to her. As he knelt beside her and pulled her to him, he willed words to form but nothing came. She trembled under his touch and he could feel his heart tearing into two.

“I-I’m so sorry I lost our baby.” She choked into his shoulder. “I-I tried, I wanted him so bad.” A pathetic hick-up cut through the space around them, “I tried to clean up-I really did. I didn’t want you to know- there-there was just so much blood. It was so hard.”

“It’s okay.” He cooed softly, stoking her violet hair. “It’s not your fault.”

“Why can’t I have a baby?” Her loaded question punched him painfully, ripping a hole through his being. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing.” He breathed, pulling her tight against his chest allowing her blood to soak into his jeans. “There isn’t anything wrong with you.”

“I’m sorry.” She repeated again, gasping for air. “I’m so sorry.”

“Me too,” he whispered as he fought back his own tears, “me too Rae.”

Stillness settled between them as he held her, unsure what else to do. The only sound that surrounded them was her sobs.

He really was sorry.

#80 “Does he know about the baby?” RaeX (Friendship)

The Wayne manor was empty. Jason found himself wandering through the halls, unsure what was exactly leading him. He found himself tense; being back in his childhood home was harsh against his psyche, pushing unwanted memories into him. Maybe it was a mistake to break in, maybe he should have just stuck to petty theft on the streets of Jump City but here he was pretending as if the pictures on the walls didn’t haunt him.  Undoubtedly someone knew he was here, you don’t just get away with breaking into Batman’s day home without alerting someone but he just couldn’t find the energy to care.

He was here.

And he was broken.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He was supposed to be able to break in and steal whatever he needed to survive but he something held him at arm’s length. The smell of dust and old leather tainted the air, reminding him of when he had spent hours reading the vast library this manor had to offer. How he would lay on the floor, reading Shakespeare wondering how someone could love anyone so hard. Now he understood, with his princess waiting at his flat he understood how you could put everything you had loved behind you and move forward.

He soon made the decision to leave, understanding that he was never strong enough to steal from this place. Not with him being who he was. As he gathered his things he felt a sense of accomplishment, a sense of relief that he was not the monster he had once thought he was.

That was before the knock at the door came.

He could feel himself freeze. A quick decision was made, he needed to wait out whoever was on the other end before he left, he did not need to be caught trespassing. The knocks, however had a different plan.

After the twentieth knock he decided he needed to take action. It only took a few strides to make it to the double doors and with a deep intake of air he allowed himself to open the double doors.

Nothing would have prepared him for the Titan that waited on the other side of the door. Her long plum hair was pulled from her face leaving her piercing violet eyes to his exposure. If he was honest he would have to admit that she looked utterly horrible. It was apparent that she had not slept in days; her sunken in eyes spoke words that he knew she would never utter. She looked so small to him, so tiny that with just a gust of the wind she would break. How had a magnificent woman fallen into such a state of distress?

“Can I help you?” He muttered, breaking their awkward eye contact and focusing on the piece of crap he assumed she called a car.

“Is Richard here?” She asked as if she had scripted this conversation a million times, “I need to speak with him.”

“No. He isn’t here, I can relay a message if you want.” He lied, knowing full well he would rather cut off his leg than speak with his adoptive brother.

Raven pursed her lips, mulling over answer carefully. She looked through him, deep in thought while her arms hugged her midsection protectively. If had been untrained he would have missed the signs completely and in a way he wished he would have. “No it’s fine but thank you for the lie Jason.”

He was taken aback slightly once his name passed her lips. “How do you know that name?”

“I may have been born at night but I wasn’t born last night.” She sneered, backing off of the steps of the manor. “The hair gives you away.”

A sly grin crossed his face as he pushed back his white strands from his face. “Observant aren’t we?” he joked lightly.

The empath nodded as her last foot touched the gravel of the drive. For a moment she only stood there, looking towards the stars. She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before turning her back to him. “Thanks anyway.” She muttered as she headed towards her beat up car.

“Does he know about the baby?” The question slipped past him before he could catch it and the moment it was in the air he wished it back. It was venom in the air, poisoning them both as it hung closely to them.

She stopped a few feet away from her car, her shoulders slumped in defeat.  She didn’t deny, or even defend herself as she whispered, “Now who is the observant one?”

He willed himself to smile but it never came, all he could muster was a pathetic look of sympathy that he knew she never wanted. She didn’t come here flaunting her situation and her posture told him that she never intended on him to know. How stupid did he have to be to point it out? “It was a part of the training.”

Raven turned to him, her eyes held nothing but emptiness as she spoke, “No. He doesn’t and he probably never will. I can assume that you won’t speak of this to anyone?”

He only nodded. This must have been enough for her because she turned and continued her path. Yet again his mouth spoke before his brain could comprehend, “Do you have somewhere to go?” It was without a doubt a loaded question. The simple fact that she was here, searching for her lover told him that she had ran out of options. She was bare, completely exposed to her problems and in a way he felt sorry. Sorry that she was carrying the child of someone who never gave her the time of day, sorry that she was totally misguided in her own life.

He could relate to being lost.

“Does it matter?” She hissed, opening her door with a loud creek.

“Yeah it does.” He whispered, taking a few steps away from the door. “I mean-I do have a place to go if you need it. I’m sure Kori would be happy-“

“We haven’t spoke in years.” She muttered. “She wouldn’t even recognize me.”

“You’re still her friend.” Jason whispered softly as if it was a secret. “You aren’t alone in this Raven, even if it feels like it.”

She stopped short, not getting in her car and yet not leaving the spot entirely. It was as if she had frozen, drenched in all the truth his words held. “A friend told me that once.” She murmured mostly to herself. “That was another lifetime ago.”

He wanted to hug her; she was so broken that it physically hurt him to watch her twisted face. “Come with me. We will take care of you and help where needed.”

Raven turned to him one last time, her eyes burning his skin while she stared him down. It was as if she was reading his mind, which she most likely could. He was unsure what to do. “Do you mean that?” she peeped though her vicious gaze.

“I do.” He replied honestly. “I understand what it’s like is to have nowhere to go Raven. You need a friend, and that’s what I’m offering, friendship.”

Tears welded up in the empath’s eyes; it was apparent that it had been some time since she was offered anything such as this. “Okay.” She answered softly, allowing her eyes to seep her sorrows.  “Do-do you want me to drive?”

“No. Leave that pthetic excuse for a car here and let Dick deal with it.”  Jason replied with a smirk, “Let me call Kori, she will bring the Jeep.”

Raven only nodded.

#87 “Stay awake.” RobStar

The sounds of the far away city surrounded them. Trains, cars, people seemed so far away from them. It was as if they had created a new reality just for them. Somewhere that they were not heroes with burdens to carry, here in this moment they were simply Kori and Dick. The bright stars danced in the sky, lighting the green field allowing them to just barely make out each other’s forms. Their long forgotten picnic basket lay just at their feet, the empty canisters and bags told a tale that would never be retold. It was as if time stood still just for them as if this moment would last forever.

“It’s beautiful.” His soft voice admitted as they lay in each other’s arms. She couldn’t remember the last time either of them spoke and the sound of his honey like words seemed to slide across her skin.

“Yes it is.” The princess admitted kindly. Distinctly sensing the end of their moment she snuggled closer against his chest clinging on to the remains of perfect day. The movement caused him to exhale deeply, tightening his grip on her ever so slightly.

“Stay awake.” He commanded ignoring the sound of her protests. “We still have a walk back to the car.”

“Why can’t we just stay here?” She whispered. “Why can’t it be like this forever?”

“You know why.” He replied tenderly, brushing against her arm affectionately. “We have responsibilities.”

“Run away with me Richard.” The simple request was near silent, bubbling against air as if it was never meant to be. Silence was her response. It felt as if his warm touch had turned to fire and it began to burn her. The need to add to her statement was nearly painful but she held her tongue. If life had been different than maybe the possibility of a real life would have been possible but he was dedicated to the job. He had given his life for his work and who was she to make such lavished requests.

That was why his response was so unexpected.

“Someday Star. Someday.”
The hum of the monitor beside her bounced against the empty walls of the room while the smell of ammonia and disrepair clung to her skin. It was here that she was glued, unable to move without fear of missing him. The doctors told her that his arrival was close, but how close they would not say. Guessing games had never been her forte, although neither was waiting around for the inevitable. Cancer had a way of doing that to people, forcing them to become something that they were not but for him she would change everything that she was if it meant a chance to save him.

The man in the bed seemed so small to her. His withered figure forced the sheets to hang loosely around his body creating a small of cocoon. Slowly his chest would rise and fell, with every passing second she wondered if that breath would be his last. With great misery she counted the days as they passed her. If you were to ask her, she would not know the date but she could tell you how many times the nurses upped his morphine. She could tell you what time of the night she choose to cry beside him while clutching his hand and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. She could tell you the story of every shadow that crossed his face as each of their friends stopped to say their farewells.

Yes, she could tell you all of this but the thing she could not tell you was when he would arrive.

Pictures sounded his bed; days that had come to pass watched him as his last moments raced by. The smiling faces of the Titans, annoyed faces of his lover, all things that he would have cherished if not for the sickness that ravaged his body. Her friends had told her that he would have wanted to have them, that he would have taken reprieve in the good times rather than all of the bad. However all they did was remind her of what could have been. They mocked her with all of his happy moments while she was forced to live through her worst days. More than anything, she wished she could have shown her love as he did. All of the things he did, she had wanted to do for him but was limited by her curse. He had understood more than anyone and in the end he had been the only person who had actually made her feel whole, and now he was ripping her apart.

"Garfield." She whispered as she pushed back a stray strand of hair from his face. The tips of her fingers lingered on his cheek while she memorized the strong jawline he bore. The years had been good to him and although the sickness had caused him to decline in health, he still wore signs of his age. He was young, far too young for what was happening to him. Too young for cancer to take him away from her, not with so much left unsaid.

That was why she waited. Waited for him.

Finally the shadow that she had craved washed over her like the darkness of the night. An exasperated breath left her lips as she stood from his bed side. Slowly turning, she was met with a well-dressed man; his all black suit fit him perfectly while his pale skin accented his dark features well. His hair was short and well maintained while his eyes were almost as black as his tie. The sly grin he wore caused a small shiver to crawl its way up her spine and into the pit of her heart. He was what she had expected, in each and every way, and that frightened her more than anything.

"I see you have been waiting for me Miss Roth." The man sneered as he walked past her. His dark and greedy aura filled her with devious thoughts, thoughts that would have only came from a man of his profession.

"Yes and I must say, it took you a very long time." Raven replied, never faltering once. The man lived for his job and most would say he was the most intimating figure known to the human race. All feared him, and those who did not had accepted their fate long ago.

The suited man nodded as he removed a packet of cigarettes from his breast pocket. Without permission or concern he light up one, placing it into his mouth with much care. A long drawn out drag followed as he inspected the green changeling in the bed. With a shake of his head he looked to the plum haired woman beside him and asked, "Would you care for one my dear?"

Raven shook her head, sneering "No, I quit when he was diagnosed."

The man chuckled lightly, nodding his head, waving away her rudeness and replied, "Right. Cancer. Where are my manners?" With one final drag he exhaled the smoke into the air between them before licking his fingers and putting out the ashes. His body made no attempt to flinch in pain as if he had done the act a million times. Slowly he removed the pack from where it perched and placed the half smoked cancer stick in its rightful place. "You know, not most people complain of my lateness. Usually they praise me for taking my time."

"That may be," Raven bit as she fidgeted with her sweatshirt, "but I am not most people am I?"

"No. We both know you are not." He replied calmly, taking a seat along the window across from the changelings’ bedside. His arms crossed themselves as he inspected the woman before him. An eerie silence engulfed them before he asked the question that hung in the room, "What do you want from me Miss Roth?"

"I want a trade." she replied just as she did a thousand times in her dreams. "I want you to take my soul instead of his."

The man raised his eyebrow suspiciously as he rubbed his jawline, "You of all people should know that that is not how this works. My job is to take his soul not yours. It is not your time Miss Roth, and shall not be for many-"

"Give him my years." she pleaded cutting off what she already knew. "Give him my years and I will take his."

Death shook his head, "You and I both know that you are not going where he is. Your soul is already called for and I must say what Trigon has in store for your eternity is nothing like his."

"I know." Raven whispered, breaking eye contact and looking over to her lover. His green skin had faded in color. She walked to him as she took a hold of his hand; slowly she traced his knuckles just as she had done a million times before. Taking in the intimacy one last time, she didn't bother to turn to Death as she spewed, "I also know that it is because of Trigon my soul is more valuable than his. You should get more out of taking me than him."

"I do not care what soul I take Miss Roth. World leaders, serial killers, heroes, they are all the same to me. It is my job to escort them to the beyond, not to take pleasure in doing so. It is a terrible, horrible job but someone must do it." Death stood from his chair and walked to where she stood. His gaze followed hers and his face twisted as he watched her thumb dance on his hand.

Tears filled her eyes and she made no attempt in stopping them from running down her cheeks. Water droplets fell onto their conjoined hands causing a cooling sensation to run along her arm. If time had been on her side then they would have lived out their days together, happy and alive. But time was a cruel, unforgiving mistress that took no consideration of who she hurt.

"If this is something that you are serious about Miss Roth, then I shall take your trade." The man’s unanticipated words were immediately followed by darkness as it began to wrap itself around her warmed skin. Its unbearable control soon found its way up her body and pulled at the corners of her soul. Raven could feel herself flinch slightly at the feeling, only to have the sensation take a hold of her even tighter. "Do not be afraid dear," Death soothed softly, placing a gentle hand atop of her shoulder, "it will not hurt. It's like falling asleep."

The empath's lungs drew in a large, deep intake of air as she stilled herself completely. She could feel her grip on her love’s hand failing only causing panic to build within her. With her last moments on earth she forced all emotions on him, on everything he was. Her love for him was unconditional; it was the only absolute thing she had known. "I love you Gar." Raven whispered as she felt herself fall, "Please forgive me."




The long dim hallway seemed as if it lead to nowhere, its grey walls bore nothing but faceless pictures of her past. To her left she saw everything dark within her soul; mistakes, failures, fears all portrayed in the same sick way.  Each memory burned into the wall, encased with the same dull obscure tint. To her right she saw her light: her family, friends and most of all, him. His jade skin outstretched nearly every portrait, the infection that was his smile plastered onto the wall. These pictures were not like the others, warmth radiated off of each scene, happiness shined through the people within.

The white tile lead her to a large, nearly empty room where the pictures no longer reached, only a wooden door was in view. Its panels were held together by manacle like rods, each bolt driven deep in to the lumber to secure them together. In the center was the symbol, painted with dark red blood, it was a symbol that she was quite familiar with, one that meant only death and despair.

This was the door leading to her eternity, to the inevitable. Unthinkable horrors lay just behind its thin barrier and she knew that Trigon was waiting. Waiting for his disobedient daughter. Waiting to make her pay for sending him back to his rightful prison. Pain and misery await her but she could not muster the strength to care. Deep in the tethers of her soul she knew what she did was right; the empath knew that if given the chance again she would save him again and again, forever.

Her thin grey hand arose from her side, she could feel the pain and disperse as it radiated on the other side. With a deep breath she closed the space needed and touched the burning knob. As she began to turn, the sound of light footsteps behind her forced her to freeze.

"Hello Raven." a small voice spoke quietly. Raven turned only to be met with a near blinding light. From the illumination emerged a small girl, no older then what could be assumed as ten years of age. Her white dress hung loosely from her petite frame while her tanned skin accommodated her dirty blond hair. The child's bright blue eyes looked into the empath's as the light faded from behind.

Silence soon replaced the air around them as the demon inspected what was in front of her. As Raven eyebrow rose in suspicion she soon asked, "Do I know you?"

The little girl smiled as she took a few steps forward. "No, I suppose you do not but I know all about you."

Raven pursed her lips in a mixture of frustration and confusion; all she wanted to do was begin her eternity, to pay for all of her sins and misfortune. She always hated games. "What are you?"

The young child chuckled lightly, "I go by many names my dear. It seems as if each religion deems me different and justifies it with another term but I am the same."

"Hmm." the empath replied, not so easily swayed. "So you’re supposed to be God?"

"Yes, that is one of my names." The girl replied, sounding far older than she appeared. "Although I always loved the term almighty, it’s rather fun don’t you think?"

Even in purgatory Raven could feel a headache coming on. “If you’re supposed to be God, why do you look so young? I thought that you would be all powerful and you look like you need to be walked to school.”

Raven knew this was harsh, considering who she was talking to but it was hard not to let her sarcasm seep through her cracks. The child only smiled at the venom spewed at her, “Yes, I agree that this form is very young but I do not appear to too many people Raven and this is the gentlest body I could summon.”

The Titan felt as if she should bow, or kneel, or something. This being was nothing like her, her electrifying company was overwhelming in a way that was over stimulating her very being. The presence of a higher power was one that had ever fallen on deaf ears, the demon knew that it existed, if only to balance out her father but never in her lifetime did she expect to encounter her, especially not in this way. “I-why are you here?”

God merely smiled. “You are quite amazing, do you know that dear? You were created without my power, summoned to life by your father in the absolute worst way.”

“That doesn’t sound amazing” Raven mumbled softly.

The young girl shook her head softly “No it is, trust me. The simple fact that demon blood runs though you, mixing with human in a way that created an actual being is nothing short of astounding. You live your life as easily as you can and yet there is a never ending darkness that follows you every day. You are the definition of light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil. How easily would it be to fall in your father’s path, how simple would it be for you to let your burden consume you? Yet, here you are, giving up your life on Earth for a mere mortal.”

“He is not a mere mortal.” Raven found herself correcting almost instantly. “He is a good man, the purest soul that I had ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

The blonde bowed as if in defeat, ignoring the bite that followed the empaths protest. “Yes, my apologizes, I agree that Garfield was one of my best. I tested him countless times and he always pulled through.”

“Not recently.” The plum haired woman corrected, ignoring the frustration that grew within her.

“Cancer was not meant to be a test, it was meant to be a means to an end. He was to die tonight, to enter his eternity with open arms but you had other plans, did you not? Influencing Death is nothing that happens often, I have only seen it happen one other time, some years ago. He has always had a soft spot for star-crossed lovers, being one himself influences him in such a way.”

Raven wanted to retort but could not find the strength, she was tired. So very tired of the burdens she bore, of the life she had once loved and cherished. If Hell was her destination she was tired of waiting for the inevitable, all she wanted was release. She had lost the only person that had loved her whole heartily and now she was ready to move on.  “Is there a reason for all of this?”

“There is a reason to everything.” Almighty answered softly, undoubtedly sensing the pain that her companion felt. “You changed everything by taking his place thus changing your eternity.”

“Wha-“Before the question could be finished she felt a shift in her surrounds. The heat that she once felt from the door behind her was gone, replaced by the calm that only followed a devastating storm. As she turned the door changed its image, the harsh and strong iron clasps fell apart, clanging to the floor loudly before disappearing completely. The wood began to splinter as if in pain, tearing her father’s symbol from its mantel. Soon the entire door had transformed, replacing the hell that once was before her for something completely different. “Is that-is that my room?”

God smiled gently, “Fate is a very fragile thing Raven. You were so young when yours was chosen for you and yet you had changed it many times. Saving your lover was an honorable thing, something that many people just are not able to do and you did it without a second glance. So here it is your new fate. Something you have deserved for so long.”

“But what-“the incomplete question fell from the air as she turned to find the empty space that the Almighty had once been. It was as if she had never been there, just like a shadow in the dark. Raven’s browed furrowed as she turned back to her new door. With a deep intake of breath she waved her hand and opened the door.


Her room was the same and yet so very different. The marriage bed that once took up the center of the room was replaced by a large dark, looming bed with purple silk sheets. His things that had cluttered their shared room were no more, substituted for books and aged artifacts.  This was her room, only many years before.

As she turned heel to inspect her old room she caught a glimpse of her reflection. Her once pronounced features were now softened, looking more of a teen than an adult. She had also shrunk in many other places encasing her once awkward figure from her teens. The girl in the mirror couldn’t be more than fourteen even though she was now in her early thirty’s.

Then came a pounding at the door, it startled the empath causing her to jump back in surprise. “RAAAVVVEEENN.” Came a familiar voice, echoing itself in her head. “I’m not leaving till you come out!!”

“No.” She breathed in response, rushing to the door eagerly. The door opened painfully slow, taking its time as it went as if taunting her. Before her eyes could adjust the scent of fresh cut grass and cinnamon crashed in to her causing her eyes to water with anticipation. It had been years since he had carried his natural musk, all too often he bore the smell of ammonia and lingering sickness.

Finally he was reviled to her. He was much shorter than he had been, reverting back to his boyish stature that he had when she had first met him on the streets of Jump City. The tight black and purple uniform exposed his poorly formed muscles, bulking in awkward places while others lay flat as if a second skin. It was almost too much for her, it was as if she was floating with the only thing tying her to this reality was his emerald eyes. Raven had to fight not to embrace him that very moment; the one thing stopping her was the pure shock that punched through her heart.

“Well it’s about time don’t ya think!” Beast Boy nearly growled, shaking his head. “I’ve been out here for thirty minutes.” Raven tried to respond but the only thing auditable that passed her lips was a small squeak. His features changed from annoyance to confusion as he tilted his head, “What? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I-I don’t understand.” She murmured softly.

“What is there to understand?” he answered gently as if she was a frightened doe. “Are you okay? Do you need Robin? Cy? You’re scaring me Rae.”

With that her self-control broke as she pulled him into a strong embrace. He felt so warm under his arms, so safe and real that she was afraid if she let go he would disappear altogether. “I-I can’t believe it’s you.” She managed to choke through her pathetic sobs, “I-can’t-“

“Okay something is defiantly wrong.” The changeling answered, fidgeting under her grasp. “CYBORG! STAR! ROBIN!”

The sound of his frantic cries echoed around them forcing the empath to regain what little composure she could muster, allowing Beast Boy to pull away from her grasp. When space was allowed between them she could see the concern that covered every inch of his face, “Raven what is going on? Are you hurt-“

“No.” She answered quickly, whipping away her pitiful tears. “I think I just had a bad dream.” Lie. It was not a bad dream, it had been reality and deep down in the pit of her soul she knew this. She knew he had nearly died with her by his side, she knew what they once were and even now she could imagine the way he had felt against her skin. Now though, now it was all different, she had another chance, another life to live in her new eternity. She was now young and free to make all her decisions over again, to be with him again.

It was beyond a miracle.

It was an act of God.

“Oh, I’m sorry Rae. Do you want some tea? I can make it-I mean I know it won’t be as good as you-but-I can-“

“Yes.” She whispered allowing a small smile to cross her face, “I’d like that”

A nod was his only response, she could feel the uncertainty that he felt but knew he would never let it show. With a comical bow he extended his arm in an old fashion way, asking to escort her to her comfort. Undoubtedly to his surprise she accepted the gesture, drinking in the warmness he had offered her all those years ago.

Beast Boy only smiled as they made their way down the hall. Leaving her past behind and entering a new future.

She pushed towards her new eternity, into her new safe haven. With him, always.
Now I am not a reglous person but I do believe in an eternity. I have had this in my stash for a long time and decided to finish it. Do not take offense please, just read. Death is loosely based from Supernatural so keep that in mind.
#15 Loud, so everyone can hear. BBRAE

The sun shone through the thick clouds with ease. Fried foods, animal waste and human sweat filled the air around her as they made their way through the crowd. Her senses heightened with every passing person, their strong emotions pushing themselves onto her causing her head to begin to throb. Wave after wave of people passed the two of them without second glance, their identity protected by the rings that encased their fingers and for this she was more than thankful.

“Isn’t the fair great?” Beast Boy’s cheery voice broke through the conversations around her gaining her full attention.

“No.” she bit harshly, “No it’s not.”

“Oh come on Rae.” He whined pathetically. His arm snaked itself around her, pulling her petite form close to his. Raven could feel her face becoming hot. She tried to ignore the way his strong muscles felt around her waist, she tried to focus on something else, on anything else. “This is fun. Just us, out in public, enjoying each other’s company.”

She looked up to his perfect sculpted face and sighed. How in the world had he gotten her into this?  All she wanted to do was spend her day off reading and catching up on mediation but here she was with tan skin and normal hair color. Years ago she would have ignored his simple request; she would have brushed it off just as she had done a million times. Now she found herself under his spell. She was drowning in everything he was and yet she couldn’t care any less. What had he done to her?

“I guess.” The empath finally muttered under her breath.

His contagious smile flashed across his face. “That’s the spirit!” he cooed loudly, his hand sliding down her waist and onto the base of her hip. It was a simple gesture and yet it was so full of sexual tension she could feel herself becoming bright crimson at the action.

“Garfield!” she yelped, pulling away from his lust filled touch. “People are watching!”

“Oh come on Rae.” He moaned, halting his steps just a few feet in front of her. “No one cares, we are just two normal people enjoying this amazing day out.”

She shot him a disgusted look, explaining all the things she disagreed with his careless statement. He merely responded with a smirk and a chuckle. “What you don’t believe me?”

Before she had a chance to answer his empty question, the shape shifter cupped his hands his mouth and yelled, “HEY EVERYONE! I LOVE THIS GIRL!”

Raven practically melted into the blacktop below. His announcement echoed all around them until eventually bouncing back to her and cutting her like a knife. His confession took her by surprised and she couldn’t fathom a single thought.

He loved her.

“GET A ROOM!” Was the response from those around them. Beast boy only chuckled lightly before pulling his girlfriend from her stunned state and headed back towards their previous destination.

“See I told you, no one cares. Now come on I want to go on the Ferris wheel.”

Raven only smiled. “Right.” She whispered softly. “Of course.”

#16 Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble. RaeX

Her body felt so fragile in his arms. He could feel her life draining from her with every step he took. As his footsteps echoed through the empty alleyway he tried to ignore the hatred that grew within his heart. How could her team allow this to happen to her? Where was her back up, where was anyone! She didn’t deserve this; she didn’t deserve to die in some godforsaken town all alone.

The blood clenched itself onto her porcelain skin, making him feel nauseous. Her uniform was torn in almost every way imaginable leaving nothing to his imagination. The violet hair that she wore looked almost black from the crimson that mingled with it causing her to look like the demon that she had fought so hard to suppress.

If he was honest with himself he would have grieved the moment that he had found her. He should have allowed himself to hold her and weep over her lifeless body, should have taken solitude that she had died doing the one thing that she had loved the most, but that wasn’t him. He was Jason after all and he never gave into reality no matter how horrible it was.

“Stay with me Little Bird.” He whispered, tightening his grip on her motionless body. “Please don’t do this to me.”

No response came from the empath in his arms. The only sound around them was that of his own breath, ragged and desperate for release. He could read the headlines now; TITAN FALLEN DURING ROUTINE MISSION.

“Titan”, that’s what they would undoubtedly call her, a hero, a team mate, what a freaking joke. These people in this pathetic town would never know who Raven truly was. They would never know that she hated sleeping on her back, that she always favored the right side of the bed. How she preferred tomatoes in her eggs, or that she loved the sound of the rain. No one would understand that she only wanted to be held when she was sad, or that kisses to her neck made her giggle like a schoolgirl.

No soul on Earth would ever know her like he did.

And no other soul would be crushed by this loss like he would.

“Please.” Jason managed to choke though his heaving sobs, “I love you.” Tears streamed down his perfectly sculpted face and onto her body. His feet never faulted as he pushed forward into the abyss.

“I love you.” He repeated, trying to cling to the memory of her. “I love you-I love you-Iloveyou-Iloveyou-Iloveyou-Iloveyou-“

This was his mantra, and with every plea he felt himself slipping into the crippling reality around him. He had loved her with everything he had and she would die without hearing his senseless babble.

#35 As a goodbye. BBTerra

He had been waiting outside of Jump City High School for hours now. Its large brick walls mocked him in every way possible, screaming at him louder than any words could. His sensitive ears could pick up the sound of feet just past the barrier, the hustle and bustle of school keeping the ordinary teens busy with homework, social status and puberty. No wonder she chose this place over Titans Tower. It represented the one thing that that he could never be, the one thing she wanted more than anything, normality.

The sound of the school bell pulled him from his thoughts as he turned focus back to the large entrance. Almost immediately, children of various ages burst through the doors, pushing and shoving one another for a chance of the freedom that lay just outside.  He could feel himself pulled towards those around him, their smells of happiness and content flooding his very being, tugging at his own needs for a normal life.

Brushing the feeling aside he watched for the blonde that he needed to see. Stares were sent his way only to be adverted almost immediately. He was out of his element and he knew it but this is where he needed to be, he needed to see her even if this was truly the last time.

The blue eyed beauty exited through the doors in a group, their matching uniforms ironed crisply and effectually making them look like clones.  He watched as she took the steps with a certain elegance that only she had, coming closer and closer to him. She hadn’t noticed him yet, too focused in the conversation that she was in with the brunette beside her. However, as soon as her eyes glanced up at him her face turned into a scowl. It took all he had to force a cheerful smile and wave, inviting her to interact with him.

Her eyes narrowed as she mumbled something to the group, undoubtedly excusing herself from their presence. As she moved towards him he could taste the annoyance that she had on her breath. He knew that her harsh words were only seconds away but he didn’t care. He needed this. He needed her.

“What are you doing here?” She hissed, stopping a few feet in front of him. “I told you to leave me alone, I’m not-“

“I just needed to see you.” He whimpered in response. His nerves were set ablaze with her very presence, the peach sent she wore invaded his nose bringing back memories that he so wished he could forget.  “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Why won’t you let it die Beast Boy?” She snarled in annoyance. “I’m not in the mood, I flunked my algebra test because of you.”

Simple problems like this were lost on the changeling. Algebra, tests, homework all of it seemed like a world away. How many nights had he wished he could worry about such things? How many nights had he begged to trade his hero duties for school, to wash his hands of his dirty occupation for something so utterly simple? Millions. Probably more if he was honest.

“I-I’m sorry Terra. I-“

“Stop calling me that!” She growled, looking at those around them who dared to stand and stare at the odd pair. He watched as she shifted in place, rolling on the back of her heels like she always did when she was uncomfortable. “Please,” she continued in a soft whisper, finding a space between them to stare. “please just leave me alone.”

“I can’t.” He replied honestly. The pathetic confession seemed so weak and dead that it even surprised him. “You were everything to me and it’s killing me to stay away.”

She shook her head sternly, finally meeting his gaze. Her piercing cobalt eyes cut through him sending a shiver his way. “You have to.” She choked, all harshness leaving her voice. “If you ever truly cared about Terra, you would leave me alone.”

He choked back the tears that begged to be released. She deserved so much better than this, after what she had done for him and his team she deserved to live the life she had always wanted. He knew this and yet here he was begging for her to return to him, to care about him like she once did. “I-I understand.” He whispered feeling as if he was only a few feet tall. “I just-I-“

Words escaped him as he stared into the never-ending sea that was her eyes. She was pulling away with every second that slipped passed them and it wounded him. More than that, it killed him. “I love you.” He sniffled, trying to hold on to the last of his sanity. “Please, I love you Terra.”

The blonde only frowned, her eyebrows knitted along her forehead showing the emotional turmoil he was dragging him through. “If you loved me you would let me go.”

With her soft confession she backed away from him, tearing away from the situation. He watched as she left, her hair swaying softly along he back with every step. One, two, three steps away and he still couldn’t tear himself from her. He stood there until she was consumed by the crowd around them, disappearing away from his life forever.

He would never see her again, because he did love her and for her he would let her go. Who knew I love you would be such a powerful goodbye.

#2 With a hoarse voice, under the blankets. RobStar

The rain poured relentlessly against the window. Its sound was the only one that filled the large room. Lightning cracked emulating the room with a quick light exposing the two lovers entangled in each other’s arms.

Starfire’s strawberry hair cascaded down his arm, tickling him slightly with each lungful she took. He could feel her steady breath against his bare chest, the smell of mint toothpaste filling his nose. With a heavy sight he begged his mind for sleep, only receiving empty thoughts instead of peace.

If he had to be awake, he was glad it was here with the only person who accepted him completely. As thunder boomed outside it shook the room wholly. Within an instant Starfire was bolted up right, ripping herself from his arms. A whimper seeped from her perfect lips voicing her discontent.

“It’s okay sweetheart.” He cooed softly, tugging at her arm. “It’s just thunder.”

“It is most frightening Richard.” She whispered softly, her eyes still glued on the vicious storm just past the window. “I do not like your Earths storms.”

“I know but I’m here, nothing is going to happen to you.” As he spoke another angry bang crashed near the tower, leaving a shaking earth in its wake. Starfire’s girlish yelp followed immediately pulling at his heart strings. Without a second thought he pulled her to his chest with urgent need. They fell towards the bed and he managed to pull the sheet over them in the process.

“Richard!” Starfire exclaimed as her head bounced against his chest. “What are you-“

“My mom did this when I was a kid.” He explained softly in a lovers whisper. “I hated thunderstorms too. When it stormed she would come to my room and pull the blanket over us, she told me that the blanket would save us from the terror outside.”

It was a simple enough explanation and yet it held such power over the young hero. He had not given any information about his past to any of his team mates just as they had done with him. The subject had been locked away years ago before he had taken on the persona of Robin, before the hero business had swept him away. His parents, their death, it was still an open wound within him one that would never heal completely.

He waited for Starfire to press the subject, to ask questions that he knew were bottled up but nothing came. Instead she snuggled closer into the crevice of his arm, planting a soft kiss on his color bone. The sensation seemed so intimate, so utterly passionate that he felt a tingling sensation along his spine.

As the rainstorm contained the two remained there, under the blankets entangled with each other’s presence. Time slipped through his fingers and he felt the princess slowly falling back into a steady slumber. Before he lost all sense of self he felt the three words that he had fought to suppress bubble within his throat, the words that would change their lives forever.

He couldn’t stop them as they fell from his lips, in a softy, hoarse voice he finally admitted what he had known all along. “I love you Kori.”

And then he was gone
I Love You Prompts
Just a short dabble. Something in-between chapters, if you have a request let me know. The promts are on tumbler or if you can just think of one. This was fun, I don't normally do other ships but it was fun to think outside of the box for once.
The first thing that was visible was a flash of red. Raven couldn’t help but stumble backwards at the force that was thrust upon her. Her ears rang with the sound of her ribcage crushing under the power that held her. A few gasps made it past her grey lips before she was able to choke out a small form of protest.

 “Kori please, you’re hurting her!” A strong, stern voice bellowed from behind. A few seconds passed before the strong arms that held her released their clutch. Finally she was able to expand her lungs, settling in the nerves that had grown within her. Her eyes adjusted to the sight of the beauty that had previously been crushing her, her long scarlet hair poured past her shoulders, settling just above her buttocks. The tight uniform she wore excoriated her voluptuous curves pulling the attention from her emerald eyes completely. Her bubbly and over active aura prodded at Raven’s psyche, begging for her attention. The alien’s personality was just as she remembered.

“Starfire?” The empath huffed, feeling her frustration gnaw at her chest, “What are you doing here? In my home? In Gotham?”

“Oh Raven,” she cooed, entering her home without invitation, “we have come looking for friend Beast Boy, we believe him to be with you.”

Raven could feel a headache coming on as a metal figure pushed past her threshold following the beautiful alien, “And from the looks of it, we were right.” His tall stature was intimidating; causing her to mentally cower in his presence. Not much had changed since their last meeting, although it was apparent that he had splurged on a few upgrades over the years. The warmth of his psyche greeted hers as old friends, mingling itself into her very core. A smile crossed his face as his brotherly hand rubbed her shoulder for support, sensing her discomfort. “Sorry for the intrusion little lady, we were just worried about B.”

“Couldn’t you have just called his communicator? I mean this is extremely uncalled for.” The Goth bit towards the unannounced visitors. Her vision began to blur with aggravation as the tin man ignored her protest.

“We tried Rae.” One final voice came from just outside her doorway. A tall dark haired man slid past her, standing awkwardly away from her. “We tracked his communicator to its last signal, when we found it, it had been destroyed.” His striking features had matured over the years, leaving his boyish figure in the past. The black uniform he wore clung tightly against his well-toned body, rivaling only Garfield’s in comparison. His seemingly earnest aura reminded her that he was a very understanding, causing her to feel ashamed of her harsh tone.

“I thought we had agreed that no one would know, you told me that-“

“I know.” He whispered softly, adverting her gaze as if in shame, “I know what we agreed to Raven but you need to understand, we thought Garfield was dead.” Dead. The thought alone caused a shiver to crawl up her spine. If not for her than he would be. More than anything she wanted to despise him for bringing her old family into the life that she had built with her bare hands but she couldn’t.

They had been worried for their teammate, for their brother and in the end of the day it was their love that crushed her harsh reality. “How did you even know where to find me?” She asked, closing the door behind them. “The only person who knows where I live is Alfred and he-“

Her general complaint was lost on them once the Titans had entered the living room, dumbfounded by the sight before them. She could feel her thoughts run away from her as she moved from her old friends to the one thing in her life that mattered. Protectively she placed her hands on either side of her daughter’s shoulders pulling her close to her body. The tension in the room grew, cutting through the empath in the process. With a deep intake of air, she managed to speak. “Arella, these are some of mommy’s old friends. “

The child’s timidity began to show forcing her to lower her gaze to the ground. Raven could feel guilt begin to bubble within her stomach. Not one Titan new about her daughter, not even her once leader. She had kept it a secret and now she could feel the decision tearing her apart. “Everyone, this is my daughter Arella.”

Time seemed to pass at an agonizing rate, the silence within her home felt sticky against her skin. She could sense the discomfort from those around her, each and every one of them taking the news in a different way. It was Cyborg who came forward, kneeling down to the child’s level and offering her a friendly smile. “Well hello there pretty lady,” he soothed, “I’m your Uncle Cyborg. It’s nice to finally meet you.”  His robotic arm extended, presenting the youngster with a handshake.

Reluctantly Arella accepted the kind offer, shaking his hand slowly.  Her gaze traveled along his body, inspecting each and every inch. As her brows furrowed she asked, “Why are you shiny?”

“Areie-” Raven protested, only to be waved away by the tin man.

His deep chuckle shook his body slightly as he replied, “I’m shiny because I’m only half human. It’s my superpower.”

The young child’s eyes grew in size at his casual statement, an excited smirk grew on her face and she spilled “My mommy says that I’m not all human too. Does that mean I get to be a superhero?”

Her innocent face was light with her question. She bounced eagerly on the balls of her feet waiting for the tin man’s response.  Finally he replied, “Only if your good, promise you will be a good little girl for your mommy?”

Arella nodded her head enthusiastically. She could not suppress the large, toothy smile that had grown. “I will, I promise.”  The cyborg nodded gingerly, standing up from his crouched position.  His friendly and gently disremember was all Raven’s daughter needed to start a spark within her. Her bright green eyes scanned the remaining two strangers, waiting for the next introduction.

Not surprisingly, the next one to lower them to the child level was the alien princess.  Her sweet smile was all that covered her face. “Hello little Bmgorf, I am your aunt Starfire.” Gently, and cautiously she pulled the purpled hair youngster into a warm hug. Arella’s arms wrapped themselves around the neck of the princess, accepting the kind gesture easily. Waves of sorrow and turmoil began to roll off of the beautiful woman forcing Raven’s stomach to her knees. Tears began to brush themselves against the gorgeous alien’s lashes before falling on to the child’s night shirt.  “I wish only that I had met you sooner, things would have been so different.” A pathetic sniffle followed before she whispered, “You have your father’s eyes.”

“Please don’t cry Miss. Lady,” Arella whispered, undoubtedly sensing Kori’s discomfort, “my mommy says I have my daddy’s eyes too.”

Raven could feel the burning gaze of the Changeling from across the room. Her skin felt like fire under his stare, causing her to shift in her skin uncomfortably. She didn’t dare to look at him, his hate and ager radiated off him like the morning sun and she could do nothing about it. If only he had not shown up last night, if only she had left him at her door step, then none of this would be happening. The empath’s world would not be crumbling upon her.

It was Richard who pulled Star from the young child. “Sorry about that Arella,” he said in a deep, easy voice, “she is just very excited to finally meet you.” Arrie only nodded, never allowing her gaze to leave the beautiful alien who now clutched on to this strangers shoulder. “I’m your Uncle Nightwing, it is nice to meet you.”

Finally the child’s gaze broke to inspect the strong man before her. He offered no handshake, only a sincere simile that out shined all those before him. Its contagiousness caught on quickly causing the youngster to giggle in response. The two adults rose from the floor together, tangled in each other’s company.  “Raven,” the leader spoke, all gentleness leaving his tone, “can we please talk to you in private?”

It felt as if she was 14 again. As if she had missed her mark in battle and was going to get reprimanded as such. A nod was the only answer she provided as she petted her daughters head softly. “Sweetheart go to your room so the grownups can talk.” Arella began to grumble underneath her breath but was cut off abruptly, “Now.”

Annoyance seeped through the child’s pores as she left the room. It took all of the Goth’s strength not to follow her daughter. She wanted to explain who these strangers were to her, to admit her faults and sins but that was for another time, another place. There were more pressing matters to be attended to first. Looking to her old life she asked, “How did you find me?”

A painful look ripped through the three Titans in front of her, “You’re not going to like this Rae.” Cyborg whispered softly


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